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The First Non-White,White Supremicist on Death Row-Wanna be his Pen Pal??? I Think Not.

August 29, 2008

So the first mixed race White supremacist has been sentenced to death (for stabbing an Asian-American in Orange County)! Can I say an “amen” to that??! Totally disturbing, though…How do these things happen? Why do people internalize so much racist bullshit that they go and kill other ethnics/their own ethnics? The movie The Believer is a great example of this (Nazi skinhead Jews, who knew?).

This kicks off the next few posts, which will all be studies of different manifestations of the Mestizo, the struggle for identity, and lack of obvious mixed role models. In both ways good and bad, these forged identities aren’t covered in ethnic studies books and warrant conversation. It’s the only way we can prevent people like Lindberg from straying into racist niches if they don’t have a strong mixed race identity or anyone they can relate to…  Next up: Obama-keep posted.

Interestingly enough, the inmate has a request for a pen pal (Not sure who would write to him except other White Supremacists). (http://www.deathrowspeaks.info/inmates/gunnerlindberg.html):

Profile: Gunner Lindberg

“My name is Gunner Jay Lindberg; I’m 29 years old born March 1st, 1975 in Orange County California. I am just looking for people who want to write a good guy who’s been locked up most of his life. Have fun, share experiences, pass the time and get to know one another and who knows, maybe become good friends. J

About myself…I’m ½ German and ½ Indian. I’m 5”11 and 173lbs., great shape as I enjoy working out. Other things I enjoy are reading, drawing, writing letters, good movies, music, sports, chess, and just about any and all challenges.

I’m honest and respectful. I don’t play games or try to use anyone…I’m not looking for any romance. I’m just seeking friendship. I like to think I’m funny and have a lot to share; I’m a great listener and never boring!

Gunner Lindberg

I’ve lived all over, such as: Las Vegas, Arizona, Texas, Missouri, Kansas, Florida, Okinawa Japan, and just about all over Southern California. I have a few tattoos as you can see by my photo. So if you think you’re interested in writing, please drop a line or two. J I’m a great pen pal and write regularly. Take care, smile. :)”

Gunner Lindberg # K-79300
San Quentin State Prison
San Quentin, CA. 94974

If I were you (or me for that matter), I would write to him before he gets put to sleep and tell him what a fucking loser he is!!!